Saturday, January 10, 2015

The First Connecticut Hackerspace 3D Printer Restored

First 3D printer from the Connecticut Hackerspace.
A few years ago I was a member of the Connecticut Hackerspace in Watertown Connecticut. It is a nice workshop pretty big with some pretty nice tools available. One of the tools that the space has is a little 3D printer that was built by members when CTH was first being formed. In some ways it does not look like much. It very much looks like it was made from odds and ends found in dark corners of a workshop. I never saw it print anything until recently. It seems that as first built it was a little slow (it used treaded rod to move the three axis). As it sat unused some parts were scavenged for other projects and it fell into disrepair.

Bracelet from Nervous Systems printed on the old CTH printer.

Recently the little printer has had some work done to it and it prints again. The threaded rod that controlled the movement was replaced with timing belts, parts were replaced, and other general upgrades and fixing up were done. Now it is working. It may not be the best printer in the world but it is certainly one of my favorites. It is the sort of thing that really demonstrates how little it takes to make a 3D FDM printer and how much fun the printers can be.

As neat as this little printer is there is a newer possibly more capable printer on the way. It is a delta style printer and still needs some work but it is not far from being finished. I am looking forward to seeing what it can do.